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Julie Math & Science


Education & Credentials

B.S in Applied Mathematics

B.S. in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

A.S. in Biological/Physical Science & Mathematics

CRLA Lifetime Tutor Certificate

A.A. in Music

Hi, I'm your STEM tutor Julie. I graduated from UCLA with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Applied Mathematics and Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. I'm an experienced certified tutor with students from elementary school up to college level. I am also a published author in a scientific journal. 

Helping students by improving their academic ability is one of my greatest passions. My long-term students have shown about 20% improvement on average. I can definitely help you with whatever you’re struggling with in math, science, and engineering.

SubjectsMaths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, MatLab, Excel, Chinese

B.S. in Applied Mathematics

B.S. in Applied Mathematics

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

B.S. in Chemical Engineering

CRLA Lifetime Tutor Certification

CRLA Lifetime Tutor Certification

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